Email Campaign Strategy + Project Management
5 years experience managing email campaigns in Klaviyo, HubSpot and MailChimp.
While capable of creating my own designs using Adobe tools, my skills are best utilized directing the monthly email campaign strategy, revising copy, providing creative direction on photoshoots to produce email imagery, and review and final approval of email design.
I pride myself in providing actionable feedback in order to best support my team and create successful campaigns.
Email campaigns for Tradlands and Hyer Goods. Tradlands emails were designed by Holly Horvil based on my direction.
 For the following campaigns I modeled and shot the creative for email campaigns promoting summer looks. 
I created infographics for the recycled leather goods brand Hyer Goods as part of their education content pillar. The following was to explain the difference between leather and polyurethane, a plastic coating which most vegan leathers contain. 

The post was widely shared for their account which had few followers at the time. It saw over 100 shares and 500+ likes. 
Mid-year sustainability report for Hyer Goods: 

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