Tradlands was a customer favorite for sustainable and classic, easy to care for essentials. However, one of their new textiles, a linen and tencel blend, was a bit trickier for the end consumer to keep looking it's best. 
After reviewing numerous customer reviews and complaints about this textile, coupled with taking a class in brand management through the London Business School, I identified an opportunity to improve the customer experience while creating brand alignment.
I oversaw a multi-point project for customer education on caring for this textile. 
It included:
Blog posts written on garment care
Follow up texts after purchases with a link on how to care for the garments
Follow up emails after purchase on garment care
A social video campaign directed by me. I looped in several of our team members, directed them on the shots I wanted them to get by showing them examples of similar content. I edited the video together and filmed the voiceover. 
Please note all copyrighted audio is not my own and only used for example purposes.

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