I was tasked with reviewing and integrating BFCM inspiration. 
I plotted out weekly email campaigns from October-January with promotions and sales peppered throughout utilizing post-mortem data of what had performed well in the past coupled with new ideas. 
One new idea that I brought to the table as a result of my research was a buy-[insert best selling product here] get -lower cost product free. 
This promo idea brought in roughly $40k in sales which was the best performing promo of the season. Rather than giving a percentage off our best selling product as we normally would have done, giving away the free item, that was still a coveted item from the brand but just less to produce, actually cost the brand less to run the campaign than if we had given a flat discount. 
In addition to directing the strategy for all of our holiday sales, I created companion content used for email and social. Some of that content created to promote the promotions on social is shown here. 

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